Seasonal, healthy and exciting school dinnersThe Italian Catering Company offers School Catering Services to the Maidenhead Area.

It is said that challenging a child’s mind through stimulating education enables them to make positive life decisions as adults. We passionately believe that challenging a child’s taste buds through a varied and balanced diet enables them as adults to make healthier more nutritious food choices for themselves and their families.

School pupils, especially at primary age, can be very choosy about food often opting for choices which fall outside a healthy balanced diet. By making all our food in house, using fresh ingredients, without GM or additives and using herbs for flavour we manage to steer children towards a healthier more balanced diet. This use of fresh ingredients and herbs for flavour also helps us meet guidelines minimising the use of salt, sugar and saturated fats.

We pay special attention to individual needs based on a child’s food allergies and belief system. We aim to avoid all recognised allergens throughout our menus and operate a completely nut free kitchen. Our menus incorporate halal and/or kosher ingredients as and when required.

Our independent family approach to school catering enables us to provide a very personalised service to our clients. We listen and match our service to your wishes. We endeavour to be as flexible as we possibly can within the constraints of regulations in order to achieve the best solutions for you. We will liaise with you and constantly monitor the success of our menus enabling us to make positive improvements.

Our school catering services go further than delicious meals. We are experts when it comes to events, fetes, open days and any other catering occasion that provides a showcase for the school.