All of the meals on our school menus are freshly prepared. Our three week school menu changes with the seasons. We always try to use seasonal ingredients so our winter menu differs from our summer menu to introduce even more variety. You can view a sample school menu by clicking the button on the right. We have a range of other school menu items below.

Other Menu Items

M Cottage pie

M Chicken stir fry with cous cous

M Roast pork

M Sweet and sour pork with noodles

V Winter vegetable casserole

M Beef chilli con carne

M Sausage hot pot

M Chicken curry with basmati rice

M Oriental pork with egg fried rice

M Chicken and ham pie

V Cheesy pasta bake

M Lasagne

V Vegetable lasagne

M Bacon quiche and new potatoes

V Vegetable quiche and new potatoes

V Bean and vegetable Bake